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200 direct lines to relaxation


So cool so calm So Fresh So Clean.

When it gets down to it at the end of the whole work-day know how long work weekend ready to kick your shoes off and kick and relaxing family.

Or maybe more or less you need some you time and you need some time for your own personal reflection of meditation and restoration and there’s the lines to be able to get to that destination.

In the our company historically has been more so integrated into the Hispanic speaking countries in the Spanish-speaking dialect the speakers, It is an absolute necessity to be able to have that workplace restoration time when you’re able to kick back in unplug from the job that you have to do.

Unless you’re the part of the percentage of people who have a job doing what they love to do.

Then you can probably relate to the barricades in the MP beating on your freedom that limit you from being before this expression of the best that you can possibly be.

And how you need to continue to resist and go through every obstacle every twist every turn every girl ever been everywhere around the road to be able to get to where you need to go.

It to you to bring in a refined that which is inside of you so that I can bring a gift to others as a Cherub Tree bears fruit, So much we also Pace ourselves to make sure that we find the relaxation to build a sustain our efforts when we get back to work

Workplace Equilibrium

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What is the Effect of a stressful business environment?

I’m sure you as a long time customer of the conference is asking yourself that same question. You’re like I didn’t know that there was an imbalance even though I know that I like the brand I know that there are some things that I keep coming back for.

Well yes this is the mark of a successful marketing campaign is that there is an image there is a story that is alongside the logo or the brand.

I’m sure you’ve seen

whether it’s the commercials during the halftime show of the of the Superbowl or wether is the Olympics ever when there is another Opportunity for the world of athletics to display the greatness that they have practice for all of the years of their disciplined practice and investment.

I’m sure that you can also agree that throughout the years 200direct has proven their ability to create a story among the feats that displayed in the professional world and And allow that momentum to be infused into in the architecture of the conferences and to be able to create that connection with the hungry fans and audience who is ready to be apart of their favorite speeches by buying into their legacy through iconic powerhouses.

Everything the whole talk back full circle back when we talk about the workplace because equilibrium and the maintenance of a peaceful atmosphere you need in the workplace in order to stay focused and maintain productivity

Business Boss

Basic RGBDo you have what it takes to be a Boss?

it that success is so attractive, seeming to be one of the most sought after attributes in our society.

Many people would associate power with financial status, and material wealth.

Others would define it by the ability to influence others around them.

Others associate their business success and achievements as an indicator of their position.

All of these things do reflect a form of leadership and can be used in a noble and constructive sense, as well destructive.

I believe that the first step to understanding how to grow in power and strength, is to properly understand it’s true nature and how it has been used in it’s highest expression.

I invite you on this journey of exploration and education of this worthwhile topic.

Where do Bosses come from?

I believe that all true Boss power that manifests in the physical realm had it’s roots in the spiritual dimension.

I mean that in both the positive and the negative way.

When we look in the scriptures of the bible, we remember that the son of God Jesus the Christ was and still is beheld as the saviour if the world who came down to earth to represent God the father in all of his glory and strength wrapped in the flesh of human condition.

Your honor, we have a lot of witnesses that will testify against many things, like fashion discrepancies that are not acceptable and needed to be serviced and addressed.

Tips and Tricks


When it comes to online business,

it pays to have access to good information and tips and tricks of the trade that have proved successful.

I slipped and scrolled through product after product of characters of pictures of illustrations of visuals that represented with him it should be classified as special documented business information.

The reason why resonate with the principal is because as you can understand, the hedge of protection around the surface of the perimeter of the knowledge base of the individual, Yet as you can clearly see the source of the productivity coming is coming from within the individual.

That’s me depicts a picture

of what it means to have resolutions convictions and beliefs that you stand on that Define the very constitution of how you interact in this world therefore and also understanding that there is very little protection, Very little comfort for those who do not assert themselves into the full potential of uncovering their inheritance in the creator and establishment of this universal existence.

This point is taken into an even deeper level when we look at the scripture that says as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

What comes to my mind is the songs in the nineteenth century that shared much valuable information to sustain livelihood during that era of existence.

So therefore continue to tune into our rants into inter dimensional destinations where we can take the high road through the technological advances as we apply the tips and tricks of the trade.