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Business Boss

Basic RGBDo you have what it takes to be a Boss?

it that success is so attractive, seeming to be one of the most sought after attributes in our society.

Many people would associate power with financial status, and material wealth.

Others would define it by the ability to influence others around them.

Others associate their business success and achievements as an indicator of their position.

All of these things do reflect a form of leadership and can be used in a noble and constructive sense, as well destructive.

I believe that the first step to understanding how to grow in power and strength, is to properly understand it’s true nature and how it has been used in it’s highest expression.

I invite you on this journey of exploration and education of this worthwhile topic.

Where do Bosses come from?

I believe that all true Boss power that manifests in the physical realm had it’s roots in the spiritual dimension.

I mean that in both the positive and the negative way.

When we look in the scriptures of the bible, we remember that the son of God Jesus the Christ was and still is beheld as the saviour if the world who came down to earth to represent God the father in all of his glory and strength wrapped in the flesh of human condition.

Your honor, we have a lot of witnesses that will testify against many things, like fashion discrepancies that are not acceptable and needed to be serviced and addressed.

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