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Guardian to the gate of success

guardian_of_the_cbnjhstairway_to_heaven_by_m_hugo-d5s52wdDoes it seem like there’s an invisible Guardian that is standing in between you and success in your business?

Now we think of a guardian and it’s in my mind what comes up is like some kind of lieutenant or soldier that is standing to keep those who have restricted access to the other side of the door.

It’s our responsibility to make sure that we have the kids make sure that we have the passcode to make sure that we have whatever it is that will grant us access to get inside.

Now the other hand sometimes we have to come in and assume the role of a guardian when it is time when are going so we know that we have to protect and to guard.

Like the promise of faith that states that the peace that passes all understanding shall guard our hearts and Minds through Christ Jesus.

In this context the garden is what is benefiting as due to the fact they were not allowing everything to come in to infiltrate our hearts and Minds and thoughts and more.

What if we put the idea of a Guardian into a business context?

Then we would be having a conversation about Guardian Towing.

And this is not just any towing company offering roadside, this is a company that has values that as a guardian allows you to have access.

When the doors close in your face when the elevator is closing right up front you guys running down the hallway as the windows are rolling up as you’re trying to get some air.

You realize it sometimes there are many little simple and petty barricades and blockages that are just measly and need to be plowed through.

Like the car front window that is the barricade between you and the car key that you left right there the ignition as realize that you need some unlock my car help I.

So rest assured that when you give us a call that we will be out and we will be the key way we will do the doorway we will be the access to be able to continue your journey

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